Professionally constructed fireworks present unforgettable experience for the spectators. Wherever it is important to leave the participants with a long lasting spectacular final impression, fireworks present opportunity to enrich celebrations, cultural, social or sport functions, as well as company presentations to mention just a few.

Our company offers you large variety of fireworks, which are constructed and let off by our qualified staff.

Family fireworks

Suitable for weddings, garden parties, baptisms, birthday or nameday parties and many kinds of family occassions.

Effect time:3-4 minutes
Price:from 200 €
Number of effects:200 - 300 explosions with final effect

Garden fireworks

Suitable for weddings, company functions, bigger occasions, sports functions, special days and anniversaries of towns and villages. You will be charmed by silver fountains, japanese glass, beautiful whistling effects accompanied by strong explosions. It can also be a surprise for an honoured and celebrated person.

Effect time:4-5 minutes
Price:from 400 €
Number of effects:400 explosions with final effect

Festival fireworks

Suitable for company functions, special days and anniversaries of towns and villages as well as many kinds of celebrations. These fireworks offer you broad variety of special effects starting from compacts, Japanese glasses, fountains, rockets, ball bombs of many calibers, pyro-logos and pyro-names of companies and organisations.

Effect time:up to 12 minutes
Price: 1200 €
Number of effects:number of mixed effects

Special fireworks

They are suitable for big celebrations, concerts, campaignes, important cultural functions, international meetings, city celebrations and festivities. We can also prepare polygraphic logos at your custom. These fireworks are tailored according to your individual wish and they consist of large scale of effects and pyro products.

Effect time:12 minutes and up
Price:from 1700 €
Number of effects:mixed effects of second, third and fourth class

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